The WAIT Training Programme

The WAIT (Work Access and induction Training) Training Programme  is our new one-day employment support Training Programme

Part 1 : Becoming eligible for work

  • Are there any barriers to employment to overcome?
  • Wanting to work – remember you’re the one who has to decide!
  • The benefits of work – in the short term and as a building block for your future.
  • Work as part of a lifetime plan. Developing realistic aspirations
  • Career development – it’s about life not just one job
  • Skills recognition and matching (What do I need or lack ?)
  • Addressing skills gaps
  • Skills matching versus vacancy demand – how to read adverts
  • Assessing self-value – I can versus I could

Part 2: Making the Move

  • Sourcing opportunities
  • Variable CV’s and resumes
  • The process of application – be prepared!
  • Vision matching  –  what’s available against what you want.
  • Intelligence gathering e.g. speaking to others who have succeeded.
  • Advice and affirmation – is this really what I want?
  • Interview techniques

Part 3: You’re in – Now it’s about staying there!

  • Getting information prior to starting
  • Pre-requirements e.g. medical, references Disclosure Scotland etc
  • Preparing yourself for work – expectations and impressions.
  • The do’s and do not’s of the first day
  • Identification of probation objectives – being clear and avoiding misunderstandings.
  • Agreeing development plans – what’s expected of me.
  • Setting timelines and objectives – what I expect of myself.
  • Self-appraisal techniques – Am I on track to succeed?
  • Targets for Success – How do I know I am getting there?