The Swapping Shoes Programme

First launched in 2010, the innovative Swapping Shoes programme is a unique adult learning experience which brings together groups of adults with common experiences and challenges. This programme provides an opportunity for them to look into the lives of others who face similar situations and challenges. We encourage them to use the knowledge and learning they already have to discuss and develop ways to make things better. This adult learning programme is currently available in Glasgow and the West of Scotland.

The adult supported learning environments we provide are based on shared experience of common situations and problems. This creates a comfortable environment for the customer, and one they are more likely to engage in, as they have much in common with those others who are participating. This encourages openness and candour, as customers can relate to the experiences of others, both in terms of challenges faced and overcome, and others faced and not resolved.

This adult learning is participative and not pedagogic. The course structure produces information and experiences though which challenges are discussed and solutions developed. Our experienced course leaders provide facilitation, structure and targeted intervention within the identified objectives of each session. Their role is also to ensure that participation is shared and not dominated, encouraging broad input, all of which is recognised as being of equal value.

The programme structures are designed around a range of common themes and aspirations. They includes participative learning and workshops.

  1. What they believe currently in terms of their common situation
  2. What they hope for in terms of the future
  3. What each thinks are their strengths in their current situation
  4. Where they think the need to improve and find new solutions
  5. What they think individually thy can pass on from their experiences which could benefit others in the same situation.

Who are these programmes designed for?

Candidate selection

  • Our adult learners are pre-screened though interview, to assess compatibility with the wider group
  • The adult learning outcomes are explained and it is made clear what is expected and that their agreement to engage is required
  • Agreed personal objectives over a time scale are included in the programmes, to be completed over an agreed time frame, allowing for programme outcome to be measurable
  • Post programme individual support for our adult learners is available
  • Our adult learners are enrolled in a network support system which will enable them to maintain contact with their fellow group members for ongoing support and sharing of ideas.