Stakeholding and Partnership

Duration: 1-day programme
Collaborative success in partnership with the voluntary sector

Who is this course designed for?

Developed in conjunction with the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, this programme is designed to bring together those organisations who identify an adult learning need and who engage the voluntary sector to deliver it. It promotes the ideal of effective partnership working, and how to develop common adult learning and teaching strategies for operational planning, effective delivery and quality measurement. Initially available in Glasgow and the west of Scotland, it will be available elsewhere in the country from November 2012.

Candidate Selection

This programme is designed for managers who work in service organisations in Glasgow and The West of Scotland initially who develop projects within their remit and who commission external organisations to deliver quality outcomes

Programme content

  • Understanding our own objectives and how to achieve them
  • Looking at ourselves. What are we good ant and what’s best left to others
  • Developing the strategy cascade
  • How to identify an appropriate operational partner
  • Selecting the appropriate partner
  • Avoiding the Ivory Tower – Dangers of disconnect between strategy, planning and execution
  • Mixing Soft and Hard. Maximising partners unique skills to achieve agreed objectives
  • Measuring success within effective partnerships

Workshops — Meeting the challenge of creating effective adult learning environments

Each workshop is facilitated with and encourages participants to be open and honest about their experiences within a collaborative environment. The workshops will include participants both from the

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principal organisations and from voluntary sector organisations who have experiences of collaborative relationships to share

Workshop topics will include include :

Previous experience and lessons learned

  • Inter-organisational awareness and communication
  • Experiences of collaborative successes and otherwise
  • Identifying and acting on warnings
  • Means of recognising variations
  • What could have been done differently
  • How was this fed back into future planning

Ideas for developing more effective partnerships in the future

  • Know your customer
  • Know your supplier
  • Understanding what is meant by stakeholders and their expectations
  • Exploring methods of improved communication and shared learning
  • Openness of what the each thinks are barriers to improvement
  • Recognising partnership strengths