Courses for Adult Learning and Teaching

All of our courses are available in Glasgow and the West of Scotland and we welcome enquiries from elsewhere in the country. Please contact us at 0141 945 3985 or by e mail on for further information. These programmes are available both for general availability or can be delivered within organisations to key staff.

Recovering Potential in Adults  ! – A new programme of Practical skills in adult teaching and learning – Available on request. 1st delegate £150.00 Subsequent delegates £80.00. Remember we can offer this programme in house at lower cost !!

Lots of people are teaching or training adults. Young and older, in all sorts of situations and environments, both formally and informally. But it’s a challenging and unique science, and it’s important that some key but basic principles are understood and practiced so that the learning experience is positive and above all relevant and rewarding. This new, one day programme looks at some of the often missed basic principles of how to generate a positive learning experience for adults, both in the workplace and in community learning.

The programme covers :

  • Know your learners – The importance of preparation and intelligence gathering
  • Critical factors in learners’ choices
  • Basic principles of Curriculum Design
  • Managing resistance and generating learner confidence
  • Creating positive environments for learning
  • Understanding the differences between Facilitating and Teaching
  • Diversity in learning groups
  • Discussing each other’s views and experiences

The seven Principles of peace and partnership – Managing behaviour in growing organisations – Available on request. 1st delegate £150.00 Subsequent delegates £80.00. Remember we can offer this programme in house at lower cost!

What the programme covers

  • How businesses grow and the behavioural consequences of growth
  • Considering changes in relationships as businesses grow, in terms of the people who work there 
  • Facing the challenges of negative behaviour
  • Causes and consequences of negative behaviours
  • Business risk through behaviour
  • Developing shared organisational cultures, values and principles to achieve success
Please note that this programme is also designed as a  bespoke programme that can be delivered within individual organisations to that particular organisation’s staff. around Before we deliver it, we meet with you to discuss the specific challenges you face or anticipate, and we design the content around the specific principles of learning and elements of improvement that your organisation needs. Bespoke programmes are available at £400.00 for the one day programme.

Marketing for the Voluntary Sector – Available on request –Contact us for delegate rates.  Remember we can offer this programme in house at lower cost!!

This new programme, developed with our partners from the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, considers a range of tools and initiatives that help third sector organisations promote themselves and their activities more effectively to all of their stakeholders, including general awareness, existing and potential service users and potential funders. Launched in September 2015, the programme looks at basic marketing concepts and supports organisations in terms of developing their marketing effort from within their own organisations. The first programme was very enthisastically and successfully received and will be available once again as part of the GCVS Programme in the New Year. Organisations who wish to receive more details please contact us at Later Learning on

Personal Barriers to employment: Tackling the root causes. Available on request-Contact us for delegate ratesRemember we can offer this programme in house !!

All too often unemployed clients feel that the support and solutions offered to them are not the right ones and they have difficulty engaging with support. This one-day programme explores how to identify and address the personal characteristics which can undermine an individuals motivation in dealing with the challenges of unemployment as well as other social challenges. It looks at individual motivation, issues of self belief and efficacy and discusses how to develop strategies to provide individual support

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Tackling the Confidence Jigsaw ! –  Inspiring and Developing Confidence in Young People – Available on request. Contact us for delegate rates. Remember we can offer this programme in house at lower cost  !!

Many young people believe that they are marginalised, often wrongly maligned, certainly misunderstood, and often misrepresented. In fact, most are good citizens with the same hopes, ambitions, values and aspirations as their parents.

But is society giving young people a fair deal? Or are we undermining the confidence of young people by stereotyping them?

This one day programme discusses some factors that may be undermining the confidence of young people, and examines ways that they can be supported to face the future with confidence and self belief.

For further information please click here (MS Word document).

The PASS (Personal and Social Skills) Programme – Available to third sector organisations on request. Choice of two hour learning modules – £140.00 per module. Up to 10 delegates inclusive

This innovative and exciting new programme was formally launched in early summer 2014, and to date has been delivered to over 250 service users in Glasgow.  It includes modules which deal with the practical challenges faced by young and older adults as they seek opportunity in our challenging social environment. Covering such important topics as money management, confidence building, health and lifestyle choices, managing social conflict and sectarianism, recognising the value of acquired life experience and learning in the development of personal opportunity, and many other critical issues, this exciting programme is already attracting interest.

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Reasons to Explore Mindfulness

This short introduction to mindfulness is available as part of our PASS Programme or as a seperate introductory class. It is  delivered by our Associate Zana Lamont, and introduces adult learners to the benefits of mindfullness as a means to building Better Lives

  • Are you constantly mulling over the past, worrying about the future or bored and lost in daydreaming?
  • Do you ever find yourself going through the day on ‘autopilot’?
  • Do you ever give yourself a hard time or have feelings of not being good enough?
  • Do you find yourself quick to judge others or to over react in certain situations?
  • If the answer to any of the above is ‘Yes’ then Mindfulness may have something to offer you.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is maintaining a ‘present moment’ awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment. It involves paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judgement, e.g. using labels such as :

‘good’, ‘bad’,’

right’ or ‘wrong’.

(Kabat – Zinn)

Awareness of our mind and body in this way can help us enjoy our lives more, with a sense of calm and less troubled by our inner fears and anxieties.

Benefits of Mindfulness

When integrated into our daily lives, the practices of meditation and mindfulness can:

  • Increase levels of happiness
  • Reduce stress
  • Manage pain
  • Improve memory and concentration
  • Boost immune function
  • Regulate blood pressure
  • Increase sense of awareness
  • Mindfulness is a proven way of helping us build a new attitude and relationship to our inner world.
  • A range of studies and research papers have demonstrated that Mindfulness and Meditation can benefit physical and mental wellbeing (Grossman).
  • In addition, it has been shown that mindfulness can play a major role in developing and maintaining happiness and satisfaction with life. (Kabat-Zinn).
  • “Mindfulness gives you time.
  • Time gives you choices.
  • Choices, skilfully made, lead to freedom.
  • You don’t have to be swept away by your feelings.
  • You can respond with wisdom and kindness rather than habit and reactivity”.Rob Nairn

The WAIT (Work Access and Induction Training) Programme – Available to third sector organisations in request. One Day Programme -£250.00  Up to 10 delegates inclusive

This new one day programme will be launched alongside the PASS programme, and will be available initially across the West of Scotland from August 2014. The Programme takes participants through the journey from when they are available for work, through all the practical steps and experiences they will encounter on the journey to sustainable and worthwhile employment. It covers a wide range of topics, including identifying and overcoming barriers to employment, work as part of a life plan, identifying and addressing skill gaps, skills matching to job opportunities, self marketing techniques, interview techniques, and a whole range of other useful advice on getting a job. Critically, the programme contains a substantial element of learning which highlights the challenges of staying in and keeping a job once you have got one! This is where a lot of young people encounter problems, and we work on avoiding the pitfalls which could lead to setbacks and undermine confidence.

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The Swapping Shoes Programme –Available to third sector organisations throughout Scotland on request. 1 day course £250.00 Up to 10 delegates inclusive

First launched in 2010, the innovative Swapping Shoes programme is a unique adult learning experience which brings together groups of adults with common experiences and challenges. This programme provides an opportunity for them to look into the lives of others who face similar situations and challenges.

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Above and Beyond. Managing Bereavement for Care Professionals – Available to Organisations who employ care staff –1 day course £250.00 Up to 10 delegates inclusive

Available on request by arrangement

Managing bereavement, mourning and grief is sometimes something that is often overlooked when supporting professional staff who care for older people. Death affects everyone in different ways, and this course looks at how staff can support service users, their families and each other in coming to terms with bereavement and its consequences.

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Stakeholding and Partnership – Available to third sector organisations throughout Scotland on request –1 day course £350.00 Up to 10 delegates inclusive

Collaborative success in partnership with the voluntary sector

Developed in conjunction with the Glasgow Council for the Voluntary Sector, this programme is designed to bring together those organisations who identify a social need and who engage the voluntary sector to deliver it. It promotes the ideal of effective partnership working, operational planning, effective delivery and quality measurement. Initially available in Glasgow and the west of Scotland, it is available elsewhere in the country on request.

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Experiential Learning as a platform for ownership and personal development- Available to third sector organisations throughout Scotland on request –1 day course £350.00. Up to 10 delegates inclusive

This one-day programme explores how existing individual knowledge and experience can be used as effective building blocks to self confidence and personal development. It explores the effectiveness of peer experiential learning as a platform for information sharing, discussion, and development of common solutions by individuals who share common challenges.

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Partnership in Change – Tapping the knowledge bank –Available to third sector organisations throughout Scotland on request –1 day course £350.00 Up to 10 delegates inclusiveRemember we can offer this programme in house !!

This exciting new management change programme is designed to tap into the knowledge and experience of staff, and use them to support and develop improved performance in organisations. All too often, managers and staff have great ideas to improve things, but don’t get the chance to express them. This programme gives them that chance – and offers new opportunities for your business.

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The Key to Event success – How to plan and deliver –Available to third sector organisations throughout Scotland on request-1 day in house course £350.00 Up to 10 delegates inclusive

No matter what type of event you are organising, its important to get it right! In today’s economic climate more and more organisations see event organising as an effective way to generate revenue, improve communications and achieve a broad range of business objectives. Also, many organisations now seek to organise their events in-house to save costs on external organisers and consultants. The initial one day course considers the fundamentals of successful event organising.

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